Building Relationships in the Home and Community

Dock Buddies

Lighthouse Lodge assists residents in building relationships by introducing them at work and in the community.  We are committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere; equality based living, and mutually understood verbal and non-verbal communication.  Person centered planning is key to meeting and exceeding the goals of each individual.  We strive to provide support in the making of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime for the individuals and their families. 


We assist in providing access to fishing, nature walks, yard games, boating, campfires, strawberry picking, hay rides, all seasonal activities, Special Olympics, and we encourage families to be involved in all activities.

Football Game

Opportunity Abounds!!

In conjunction with person centered planning, the individuals we serve ha opportunity to participate in a number of recreational activities of their choice.


We also strive to assist in meeting spiritual needs of each individual by attending church services regularly.

Lighthouse Lodge fully supports and encourages family involvement and interaction in our programming. We cordially invite family member of residents to join us for open houses, holiday parties, and a variety of community activities.


Our doors are always open for family members to visit and keep in contact with their loved ones and staff!!