About Lighthouse

Primary Goal

To provide a residental setting in the community that will meet each individual need of "home".  Here, it is important to differentiate the concept of home from school or work.  



Above all else, it must be recognized that individuals with developmental disabilities have the same emotional needs as non-disabled individuals. It is therefore necessary to acknowledge their need for a home in which their emotional needs of retreat and acceptance are met.  For the non-disabled person as well as the disabled person, "home" also implies a place where primary bonding relationships are maintained.  

It is our philosophical point of view that too often the need for a retreat/home is not met in the disabled individual's life.  Over-programming and lack of structure and consistency of staff inhibits the development of relationships and a sense of security. 

Therefore, it results in an environment that replicates the individual's work place or school. Our Team Leaders help to provide for longevity of staff and will meet the need for consistency and relationships in the lives of the people we support.  

Once this primary goal is met, we can proceed to engage the individual in additional "outcome" activities.  One of the main focuses is to prepare the individual to more fully participate in the community as an independent person based on Resident agenda.

Each individual will have personal outcomes determined by the individual and the individual's support network (minimally, the individual's guardian/conservator, case manager, and someone representing Lighthouse Lodge Inc.) 

The "outcomes" should emphasize the development of personal goals, choice, social inclusion, relationships, rights, dignity and respect, health, environment, security and satisfaction.

With this philosophy in place, Lighthouse Lodge Inc. and all of its staff will work together as a team to ensure the individual has the best opportunity to excel in every "outcome" possible!


Lighthouse was founded by Bryan and Shelly Edwards in 1998, Bryan & Shelly had been providers of services to a variety of developmental, physical, and emotional disabilities. They had a strong working relationship with county case managers, day programs, vocational providers, the Gillette Technology Center, ACR Homes, and Resident Families. In 2018, The Edwards desired to convert to employee ownership and sold to EON, "The Employee Ownership Network". 

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