24-Hour Community Residential Services

24 hour residential services for individuals with disabilites provided in one of our licensed Community Residential Settings (f/k/a Foster Care)

Independent Hourly Support Services

Lighthouse provides support and training on an quarter hour basis, which supports the individual to live in a least restrictive environment. Services are designed to promote independence and encourage success. Hourly support is provided through Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS), Waivered Program Services and our Senior Support Services.

Respite Care - In or out of Home

Respite care is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to families who are caring for a child or an adult. This provides temporary relief to those who are caring for family members.

Individualized Housing Options (IHO) Services

This service provides a supported apartment environment, which in conjunction with the 24 hour Response Service can provide direct support to you in your own apartment or with a roommate who also receives services.  This allows the independence and privacy in your own apartment.

Services and Fees

Waivered services, including DD, CADI, CAC, BI and EW, are designed around the individual and may include assistance with health and personal care, safety, nutrition, finances, activities of daily living, and training to independently perform these activities.

Fees will vary depending on the service and site. Service costs may be covered through the Medicaid (MA) program, the client’s county of financial responsibility or by payment directly from the individual.

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